Sex toys are very, very old. Dating back to 30.000 b.C. Of course there is a lot of debate of the purpose of these old artifacts, but it is hard to avoid the obvious. Or as Dr. Martin Rundkvist puts it: “There are many non-dildoish uses for which it may have been intended but without doubt anyone at the time would have seen the penile similarities”. After all they are hard as a, right, rock.

The picture you see here is from 12.000 before Christ.

However in this section of technosex we go for the technological advanced sex toys.


First of all, a sexbot is, in my opinion still a very disappointing experience. You may have read all about sexbots, how they are objectifying women, how they can be raped, how they threaten our sexuality and so on. Well, I would advice you to watch a video of a sexbot in action. Man, looks weird and not human or erotic at all.

However, there are a lot of companies selling sexbots. First you have True Companion which was founded by Douglas Hines. This company sells a male sexbot called Rocky and a female sexbot called Roxxy which is famous her personality settings with interesting names like Wild Wendy, Mature Martha and of course Frigid Farrah. There was a lot of negative press around Frigid Farrah because. Was this a sexbot you can have sex with against ‘her will’. A rape-bot? However, the people at True Companion see Frigid Farrah more like a educational experience. She switches personalities, so you learn how to seduce a woman. Whatever. Roxxy can listen, talk and even have a real orgasm. Or at least, she can fake a real orgasm. Do not forget, she has the emotional skills of a dishwasher. Order now, and you will have the sexbot in 2 – 3 months for only $ 9.995 (uncustomized). And yeah, they have this incredible product of the future, but also this incredible crappy website of the past.

Other companies are Real Doll & Doll Sweet. Later more on those companies.


At Goldsmith’s Tech Sex Hack there was a team called Fake It ‘Til You Make It that explored the ways in which sex noises can enhance our experience. While there’s no hard and fast rule about what people will enjoy in bed, many of us get off more intensely if we can either make noise ourselves, or hear a partner vocally enjoying it. As the team put it: do we moan because we like it, or do we like it because we moan? The answer appears to be “a bit of both”. They trained a neural network using audio porn, and programmed a vibrator to respond with more intense vibrations when it heard what it identified as a moan.

More soon…..