This our section filled with funny and strange observations in the world of technology and sex.


So you are at a bar and someone make a really bad joke. He says: Bitcoins? I want Titcoins! You go home, excited, thinking maybe there is a businessmodel there, only to find out that they already exist.

There is the fake – ad in which a girl flashes her boobs and earns a free drink, but there is also the very real coin. Aimed at the adult industry, and just another way to pay for porn. The mining started on June 21 2014, and eventually there will be – of course –  69 million Titcoins. You can learn more about Titcoins on but my Chrome browser does not trust that website, so I would advise you to just check the add below and not invest in Titcoins.


In november 2017 the second Sex Tech Hack was held in a church at the University of London. There were great presentations about morality, the law and new developments. But the most important part of the event was building new sex technology. You can read all about it here, but  my favorite idea was a 3d – printable penis